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At Yantai DM Fine Wire Die Co., Ltd, we have dedicated several years to developing processes that help wire manufacturers save costs. We offer a dies reconditioning service for all types of diamonds, and new dies can be added to complete the set.

Analyzation: We thoroughly inspect each received die to analyze the factors that                          may affect your production.

Processing: We apply the same technology and philosophy used in producing new                        dies to ensure that the quality meet your specifications.

Inspection: Once the dies leave the production line, each wire die undergoes a                            final visual inspection using our sophisticated instruments.

Customer Inventory Stocking

We provide our customers with the option to store their own die inventories or portions at our facility. This program reduces the labor cost for our customers by transferring the order building process to us. Additionally, it facilitates quicker shipping response times and helps maximize the utilization of die inventory.

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